The Need for God Now

But it’s the silent epidemic right now that is about to pull the rug right underneath us, that is the most dangerous right now. I’m talking about the epidemic of depression that has spread through the veins of modern western societies seemingly overnight just over the past few decades, and has quashed the very will to live in a growing tide of humanity.

The situation is utterly alarming. Youth suicide is becoming a common phenomena among our younger generation. All we ever talk about now is mental health, but the truth is, it is a major misdiagnosis. It is not a mental crisis, it is a spiritual crisis. That is what leads to depression.

And all of this, is due to the fact that the machine of materialism has removed God from the life of modern man.

There is no God anymore in the lives of modern man. No religion. There is no value or concept of spiritual development. No attention toward a greater understanding and relationship with our Creator. No push to understand our purpose and the manner in which life should be lived to attain individual peace and success as a society.

Ultimately, there is only one solution that can bring us back from the edge of the cliff. Back from global war. From internal decay. From the depths of depression. From the wilderness of immorality.

To come back from all of this, we must come back to God. Back to our Creator. Back to our purpose. If man did not create himself, he cannot set his own purpose. No, that is for our Creator.

And, according to the pattern that has existed throughout human history, that rekindling of faith within man, that process of coming back to God, must be done through the advent of a prophet from among us. A prophet, who would do for us, in our time, what the prophets of the past did for the people before us.

A prophet for our time. A divine reformer who would unite all religions under one common evolved faith, under one movement, under One God.