The Current State of The World


If we look at the state of the world today, was there ever an age in  which a prophet was more needed?


Everywhere there is tyranny. War. Distrust between nations. Mankind is seemingly on the brink of disaster with nuclear war looming large over the whole world. Every day we hear the news of us marching fast toward nuclear global war that would wreak utter havoc on humanity. In short, we are engulfed in conflict. External and internal.

Internally societies are starting to rot, decay and fall apart. Families are breaking down. Parents abandoning children has become common. And now, children are abandoning elderly parents. Millions of seniors with nobody to look after them or love them. Drugs are tearing very the fabric of society apart. The opioid crisis has unhinged tens of thousands of families with a powerful wave of drugs that is ruining the lives of millions. Overdoses. Prison time. Death.

The #metoo movement has shown a dark undercurrent of abuse and utter disrespect of women at every single level of society, from politics, to entertainment, to sports, to journalism to everyday institutions.