Spiritually Gifted

There is a lot of mystery and wonder surrounding the concept of prophets. There is also a great lack of knowledge on this matter in common culture, as this has become something that is discussed so little now.

So that brings us to the question, what is a Prophet?

In the simplest terms, prophets are men of God sent during dark periods of moral decline, to bring people back to God. Prophets are those exceedingly rare persons whom God has granted extraordinary spiritual capacities, similar to how some people are born with special physical abilities. This spiritual capacity to have communion with God is not something supernatural that only prophets possess though, rather this is a capability latent in all mankind, and indeed is the purpose for which mankind was created – to hold communion with the Divine. There are different ways in which God communicates with man, from signs, to feelings of inspiration, to true dreams, and of course the pinnacle divine connection: verbal revelation.


However, although spiritual faculties and the ability to advance in cognition of God is latent within all people, these spiritual capacities are at their apex within prophets of God.

Historical and religious records show an astonishing fact about prophets. They were not a handful of individuals sent to just a few nations in one part of the world. Many thousands of prophets have been sent to reform their respective nations throughout the world and throughout history. Indeed, every single nation and people have had Prophets appear amongst them, so that God could through these prophets, teach the peoples of all nations about human purpose and the true way to live life to the ultimate betterment of the individual and the greater society.

Immaculate Character

By definition, prophets are sinless individuals of unparalleled character, nobility and extremely heightened spirituality. By definition, prophets are on another level of purity and piety, for how can the blind lead the blind? Prophets are pure souls who are free from any moral failing, living a life of utmost integrity, honesty and humility, which enhances their spiritual faculties to the pinnacle of human limit and enables them to conceive of God at levels far beyond ordinary people, culminating in divine revelation. A prophet lives his entire life amongst his people, known amongst them for his spotless character and nobility, which serves as the fundamental proof of his truth after he gets the divine call. It is the credibility of a Prophet’s character that serves as the first step to establishing his truth and the existence of God amongst his people.

These prophets are the revered figures whom established these religions in every major part of the world, and created the basis for moral societies everywhere, upon which most or all societies even today are still built upon.

Furthermore, prophets establish their truth through prophecies. God grants them knowledge of future events, and they inform their people. When those events come to pass in that exact way, it serves as an undeniable proof of their truth, of the existence of God and of that Prophet’s connection to God.

All of these things create a strong belief and conviction amongst the followers of a prophet and this in turn spreads throughout the whole society at some point, and in this way a religion is established. This is how every major religion was established.